The Antique Lovers's places in Beijing

Liulichang Antique Street

The Liulichang Antique Street is a small street lined with shops facades bearing Ming and Qing dynasty architectural features. With brightly painted doors and eaves and gracefully curved black-tiled-roofs buildings. a little of old Beijing`s lifestyle is retained here. It is famous for its ancient books. calligraphy. paintings. rubbings. ink stones and ink.

Along the street. peddlers hawk snacks. groceries. toys and copper coins. and all kinds of small commodities. Some offer free seal-carving services and they even can come up with a Chinese name for you if you like. Some shop owners invite folk artists to their shops. such as an 80-year-old heir to the Qing Dynasty royal embroidery tradition. It is amazing to watch this elderly man embroider a pair of little shoes for a pair of tiny feet.

Pan Jia Yuan Antique Market

The Pan Jia Yuan Folk Culture Market is China`s largest market for antiques and arts and craft items. It should be on the itinerary of anyone hoping to pick up a few old Chinese knick-knacks while visiting Beijing. You will find everything from ceramics. jewelry. teapots. baskets and books to Peking Opera drums. silver hairpins. Tibetan trunks. rugs. trumpets and prayer wheels.

Hongqiao Antique Market

Located opposite the northeastern entrance to the Temple of Heaven. this market is somewhat of an institution in Beijing. Come here to find antiques. jewelry. clothes. food. souvenirs. gifts. toys. shoes and more. Prices are incredibly cheap. and the more you buy the bigger the discount. The quality of the goods is not always the best. but for the prices it is about what you should expect. The layout is rather chaotic but you will have fun poking around. A fish market is located in the basement. Credit cards are accepted at some jewelry stalls.

Liangma Antique Market

Besides a large range of Ming and Qing style furniture. this large market sells ancient porcelain. jade. old clocks and watches. paintings. carpets. ornaments and more.

The Baoguosi Curio Market

The Baoguosi Curio Market. located in the backyard of the Baoguosi Temple. was first built in the Liao Dynasty (916-1125) in the southern part of downtown Beijing.