Stufeed Chicken Wings with Shrimp Paste

Middle sections and tips of 4 chicken wings; 1/2 1b shrimps; 2 black mushrooms; 2 water chestnuts peeled. minced and squeezed out excess water; 1 egg beaten
11/2 tablespoon ofegg albumen; 2 teaspoons of flour; 1/3 teaspoon of salt; a little of sesame oil and pepper
1/6 teaspoon of salt; a little of sesame oil and pepper; 1/2 teaspoon of flour
1/6 tsp salt;dash of sesame oil and pepper;1/2 tsp mung bean flour
1. Wash chicken wings and remove bones from their middle sections. Dry them. and then marinate them for 15 minutes. Rub middle sections of chicken wings with some flour.
2. Soak black mushrooms and remove their stems. Squeeze out excess water from them. Chop them finely.
3. Wash. wipe and mince shrimps. Add Seasoning into them and churn them up until they become colloid. Then add mushrooms and water chestnuts into them. Mix well. Put the mixture onto middle sections of chicken wings. Then dip the chicken wings into the beaten egg and coat them with flour.
4.Heat up enough oil in a hot pan or wok. Deep-fry chicken wings in hot oil. Dish them up. Serve in whole or in pieces.