Dragon Has Nine Sons

Dragon Has Nine Sons

As the legend goes. dragon has nine sons who are different from each other in terms of temperament. appearance and even jobs. In the ancient buildings and containers we can sometimes find the dragon`s sons.

The eldest son looks like a turtle that always likes to carry big stonework on his back and hence is titled the turtle carrying the stonework.

The second son always likes to stand in a high place and watch afar. He is the one we see on the fastigium of palaces.

The third is very small and likes to yell a lot. We can see him on bronze bells.

The fourth looks like a tiger with great power. We can only see him at gates of jails.

The fifth likes to eat and is often seen on bronze containers for food.

The sixth likes to play with water and is often carved on bridges.

The seventh likes to kill and fight and is often carved on hilts.

The eighth is like a lion and likes firework. He can always be found on censers.

The youngest looks like a spiral shell and likes to be quiet. We can always find him on doors.