Dragons in the Forbidden City

Dragons in the Forbidden City

The famous Forbidden City is a world of dragons. How many dragons on earth are there in the Forbidden City?

Somebody counts the dragons in the Taihe Hall and finds 12.654 dragons.

There are 19 dragons painted in gold in the throne. 79 carved in the folding screen behind the throne. Plus dragons carved in the golden table and other furnitures. there are 590 dragons in total in the hall.

There are 6 golden pillars swirled by dragons. The ceilings are painted with golden dragons all around. which amount to 3. 909. There are 40 doors in the hall and 5 wooden dragons on each door. which plus the dragons painted on the doors and windows there are 3. 504 dragons in total.

There are over 9. 000 doors in the Forbidden City. Then. how many dragons are there in the Forbidden City? They are really too many to count.