Shaolin Kungfu shoule be proteced

Chinese Shaolin kungfu .which has the very good reputation for its Chinese characteristic .will declare the human and nonmaterial culture inheritance of United Nations .

From the news of Xinhua News .Shaolin will declare for the 3th nonmaterial inheritance representative of United Nations and summit the candidate files to the department concerned in the United Nations.

Mr. Shiyongxin. the Buddhist abbot of Shaolin Temple think it is very rare chance to the Shaolin Kungfu. if the Declaration were success. Shaolin Kungfu will rebuild up its position and prove that Shaolin Temple is the real resource of Shaolin Kungfu.

Shaolin Kungfu has 1.500 years history .Since these years .Shaolin Kungfu had from a integrated system. which full of Chinese ChanWu culture .On the basic of Shaolin Temples record . Shaolin Kungfu totally had 708 sets. many Taolu are well know by people.